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Hello world!

Hello! I recently got to spend six weeks with my grandchildren in Denver. What a blast! E is 20 months old and N is 1 month. E is an absolute delight! She wakes up in the morning smiling and ready to take on the day. She loves to paint, color, run, slide, and paste things; especially herself. While I was visiting we made Mommy a mother’s day present, created a painting on canvas, made a travel journal, colored ourselves (more than once), played with play dough; every day was a new adventure.

The purpose of this blog is to help other grandparents and parents come up with fun activities to do with their little ones. They only stay small for a short while. They want to hang out with us for only a few years. Let’s make the most of those years and the rewards will be reaped in spades when they become adults and start doing fun things with their own children.

I will be posting ideas and instructions for fun things to do as well as inviting others to post and join in on the fun. I tend not to endorse any one product, however, some products may be suggested when I know the quality is better for that particular project. There will be blog hops, games, crafts, arts, book reviews and activities to go with them, messy activities and clean activities too.

I love comments, opinions, suggestions and ideas. Bring’em on! Post, re-post and share all you like as long as I get the credit. I will give credit to others too.









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