Activities and fun with Children of All Ages.

About Me

Hi there!   My name is Yvette and I’m a mixed media artist and retired special education teacher.  I love children, have always loved children and I love them even more now that I’m a grandma.

My grand children live in Denver and I live in Phoenix.  That makes me sad.  I have a blast with them when we are together.  We love to make messes and then clean them up again.   It’s like being a child agin but I get to be in charge!

I have observed many of my friends with their grand kids and it makes me sad to see them sitting back and watching when they could be joining in on the fun and building those relationships and memories with the grands.  I remember my grandmothers differently.  One was always visiting with the adults but seldom talked to the children. She was a ” to be seen but not heard” kind of Grandma.  The other was a silly, always-had-time for me kind of grandma who always asked me questions and took me places.  That’s how I want to be remembered.




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