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Miracles in the Garden

I had vegetable and flower gardens when my kids were growing up. Those are some of my favorite memories of being a mom.

Juliet K. Kennedy ~ Writer

Miracles in the Garden

A 15′ x15′ plot of the dirt. That’s what my family began with last summer when we joined a community garden.

Hard clay and weeds resided in our garden square. With shovels and pitch forks and hoes, my family worked away, digging and turning and flinging dirt.

Every once and awhile, we’d stop to breathe in the spring air or chat with a fellow gardener or marvel at a baby alpaca as it galloped along the perimeter of the community garden.

And then more digging and turning and flinging dirt.

Soon the plot was ready for planting.

Scooped hands awaited big seeds and tiny seeds and everything in between. Little fingers and mama fingers dropped seeds in the dirt and oh-so-gently covered them. A misting of water for our treasure trove.

Then we waited. Waited for the miracles to begin.Garden Vegetables

And soon they arrived.

Little miracles sprouted, budded, and bloomed…

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What a fun activity! I’ve made ghosts this way with my niece but hadn’t considered snowmen. I live in the desert and it would have been fun to do this with my kids when they were small.

The Feet Have It!

The Feet Have It

I got to spend some time with my grandchildren after Thanksgiving.  What a BLAST!  N is eight months old and can charm the candy cane off and elf with those big blue eyes and shy smile.  E is talking up a storm.  You have to pay close attention to figure out what she’s saying.  I did understand when she told me “Love you, Love you, love you” before she went to sleep.


One of the things we did was make reindeer with our feet.


Bronze acrylic paint

Sponge brush

½ inch pompoms

Google eyes that would fit proportionally to the bottom of the feet being used.

White glue

Good quality paper, I used 140lb paper.  I tried construction paper but it was too thin.


  1.  Paint bottom of child’s foot and make an impression on the paper.  You can either press the paper on the bottom of the foot while the child sits or you can have the child step onto the paper lying on the floor.  (Sticking out your tongue does make it easier.)

 116 124

      2.  Draw some antlers starting at the juncture between the toes and foot.


  1.  Cut the foot and antlers out.


  1.  Glue a pompom at the bottom of the heel in the middle for a nose.

 133 137

  1.  Glue the goggle eyes near the ball of the foot

158 160



  • Baby wipes work well to clean the feet off.
  • For younger children (under 3) put a dot of glue where needed and let your little helper place the objects.  (nose, eyes)
  • Change up colors of paint, pompoms, eyes
  • Copy and shrink the reindeer use as a Christmas card.

We had fun making these.  I’m putting them on my Christmas tree.  E learned so much while making these.  She learned how to follow directions (putting stuff on the glue dot), make an impression with her feet, and directionality by putting the eyes on correctly.  Not bad for a toddler, of course, she is my granddaughter.

What adventures have you had lately?

Look, We Know It’s Not “Officially” Winter Yet…

This is a fun and scientific kind of winter craft. My grands are too young for this activity but school aged kids would have a blast.

St Louis Public Library Parents

…but it is December, and we’re ready for some snow! Aren’t you? Since Mother Nature doesn’t seem ready to cooperate, here are two great craft activities so that you can make “snowflakes” in the comfort of your own home. Just click either photo to get started.

Sparkling Ice Crystals


You’ll need pipe cleaners, beads, fishing line, and pompoms

Borax Crystal Snowflakes

crystalsnow1You’ll need string, pipe cleaners, a jar, Borax, water, a heat source, and a pencil.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


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What a great project from Diary of a Mad Crafter for making holiday gifts! If you don’t want to use a leaf think of all the other cool textures you can use! Bark, fingerprints, buttons, or how about layering impressions? Orange skin with fingerprints on top? Hmmmm, the possibilities are endless.

Diary of a Mad Crafter

Hello all! I’ve got a really cute post for you before my weekly blog break! This is for all you hippies out there! 😉

This tutorial is super easy, so I condensed it into one picture. All ya need is some polymer clay (I used white so I could paint it later, but you could of course use whatever color you want), something to roll your clay out, and a leaf. Play around with different types of leaves for different prints!

  • I rolled it out a little, just to make it easier, and then rolled it over the leaf.
  • This step is optional, but I wanted a clean cut, so using a round cookie cutter, I cut my clay.
  • I poked a hole through the top, and baked it according to the clay’s instructions.
  • Once baked, I brushed some green paint over it (making sure to get it in all…

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The Frugal Crafter is a fun and creative person who has great idea for people of all ages. This activity is great as a fall activity. It can be altered to make it a Thanksgiving activity by writing what they are thankful for on the ‘leaves’.

The Frugal Crafter Blog

I had a really successful time at the local library last week with this craft. I had a hoard of children all happily tearing and glueing and creating fall masterpieces! This time of year it is hard not to be inspired by the beauty that surrounds us (in Maine anyway!) so why not translate it into a craft? It is perfect for a classroom too! Just remember my rule when working with kids ABP (Always Be Prepared!) that means have all of the supplies laid out and the tissue paper squares cut before you invite them to craft.


You will need: 1 sheet of blue construction paper, 1/4 sheet of brown construction paper, a strip of green paper and scraps of red, yellow and orange. Glue sticks and white glue, a pencil and tissue paper or crepe paper (party streamer) squares. I used leftover gift wrappings and party streamers. If you need to buy tissue paper I recommend…

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What wonderful ideas Doodle has! I wish I had read this post last week when I was with my 2 year old grand last week! I hope you all try this with your little ones.