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A Fishy Situation

My DD and I went fishing today.  What fun, even if the biggest fish caught was about 1.5 inches in length.  This trip reminded me of all the times we took our girls fishing as they were growing up like the time DD and I were helping our oldest pull a fish out of the lake while keeping a close eye on the younger sitting on the grass.  Next thing we know someone is saying “Oh gross!” just when the younger daughter is slurping a worm into her mouth.  Ah… good times.

Fishing is a wonderful activity for most ages.  You might want to wait to take the grands until they are at least three or four.  There are pint sized rods for just such occasions.  Though their attention span is short, they can also catch crawdads, throw rocks in the water (don’t expect to catch any fish yourself), play in the dirt or water or what ever is around.

There is nothing more wonderful than seeing these things through the eyes of a child.  Today as I was walking around I met a beautiful 4.5 year old little girl on a fishing trip with her grandparents.  This was the first time she had been camping or fishing.  She was very busy putting rocks into a circle to make a fire ring that soon became a fairy ring.  She told me all about the bugs she catches to give her grandma’s chickens and we took pictures together.  Today she saw an osprey catch a fish and an eagle take it away from him.  Her grandpa caught a big fish and shared his knowledge on techniques with us.  She watched her dog chase chipmunks and dragon flies.  This is a day she will remember.





Holiday Weekend Adventures


I’m going up north to get St. Joseph’s Youth Camp to get it ready for the kiddos in a few weeks. I’ll be the assistant cook. You can bet you’ll be getting fun activity ideas from that!

This is a great weekend to take your grands camping or to a water park. If you want to avoid the inevitable crowds, make your back yard into the campground and/or a water park! If you don’t have a tent put up a cloths line and drape a big blanket over it. Use rocks to hold the sides out if needed. You don’t need sleeping bags if you have enough warm blankets to wrap up in.

Flashlights are a must for telling scary stories. These, along with the batteries, can be found at the dollar store. While you’re there pick up a big bottle of bubbles for the water park. For these activities the dollar store is your friend. They have sand (dirt) toys, s’more ingredients, and toys of all sorts.

Homemade Popsicles are fun to make as a treat. Use small paper cups with a half straw or craft stick as the handle. Use unsweetened juice with cut up fruit and you will be a hero. S’mores can be made over the lit barbecue with bamboo skewers ( from the dollar store) to roast the mallows. While you’re at it, roast some hotdogs too.

The day after your camping adventure turn your yard into a water park! Investing in a child’s wading pool is well worth it. You can make it into an ocean, put sand in it for a beach, hide under it for a spaceship or time travel, use your imagination! If you have some big plastic hanging around that you bought for the garden or a big plastic tarp add a little water and soap and it turns into a slippery, wet, falling down fun sliding thing. Running through the sprinklers is always fun. Use the hose for water limbo. The ideas are endless.