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Time is of the Essence

I spent last week with my daughters and grands in Colorado.  What a week!  DD2 and granddog, Fry, took us on a hike in the Cheyenne mountains.ImageImageImage

We spent the rest of the week helping DD1 and her family move from a very small apartment to a very nice home.  DH still has sore muscles from all the heavy lifting and hard work.  He and E., grand1, worked together to be sure the swing set is safe to play on, Image

and she helped paint the new dining room.


N, grandkid2, is 5 months old now.  He is bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to soar!



My own Baby (my dog) had a good time as well, hiking and playing with the grands.



What have you been up to?  What kind of fun things are you planning?


Hop Along


Hey all, I’m in Colorado having fun with my grands for a few days. I went hiking with my DD, my DH and grand-dog a few days ago in the Cheyenne Mountains.

Today I’m going to help E finish her paper mâché pig and we’ll have lots of fun on the playground.

What are you doing with your grands this week?