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Permanent Sand Castles

Once again Doodles comes through with an amazing activity to do with your grands. I highly recommend you check out her blog and subscribe to it.



Today at Barrow Street Preschool, we made sandcastles out of sand-clay, which will harden over the next week, retaining their shape. I had two groups ages 3/4 and 2/3, and began the lesson by talking with them about sandcastles they had made in the past at the beach, and also the different parts that one could put on a sandcastle. Then I put them in front of tons of misc materials and let them go wild. The project worked great for both age groups–super tactile and messy. The younger kids did need a lot of extra help with the molds, but one adult per table of 5 seemed to be plenty.

*the sand recipe needs to be cooked before class

(click through for the full lesson plan)

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