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Chill Out Sunday

Ahhh, Sunday. Sunday is my day to chill, hang out with my sweety and experiment with food, art, whatever. Let's make Sunday a blog hop day.

Rules: there are no rules! Blog away.



Making the BLOB or Making Fun Healthy Drinks

Mac-n-cheese, cookies, cupcakes, krispie treats, all fun foods. Healthy? NOT.

Make Kombucha, grow your won SCOBY (the blob) and give your grands something wonderful and healthy to boot.

Kombucha is fermented sweet tea. During the fermentation process most of the sugar is consumed and during the second fermentation a nice fizz develops; taking the place of obesity causing soda pop. Komucha provides healthy yeast and bacterium that your body needs to stay healthy and combat everyday exposures to environmental toxins.

To make Komucha you need a SCOBY or Mother. You can order a SCOBY from Cultures for Life or you can make your own with these instructions. If you make your own do this activity with your grands. Bring them back a few weeks later to see the blob they have helped create. Let them help you with the next step, making the kombucha by following the link. Make sure they get to drink some with one of your wonderful, only-at-grandma’s-house meals.

This activity takes time and lots of visits from your grands to complete but it is totally worth it. Continue making the kombucha and giving yourself and your loved ones the nutrients they need.

What kind of healthy and fun foods or drinks do you make with your grands?

Next post we will make all sorts of play dough.